Monday, February 19, 2007


Sighet - Bocicoi - Valea Viseului - Petrova - Leordina - Viseu de Sus - Iza - Sacel - Dealu Stefanitei - Fiad - Romuli - Cosbuc - Telciu - Salva - Beclean - Dej - Gherla - Cluj Napoca - Campia Turzii - Aiud - Razboieni - Alba Iulia - Vintu de Jos - Sibot - Orastie - Simeria - Deva - Ilia - Savarsin - Radna -Arad - Timisoara.

All this places are in my mind like a long mantra or prayer. They are all the stations for the train that makes the connection between my birthplace and the town where I live now.

I have memorized their names in the countless train voyages between Sighet and Timisoara. It is only 613 km bu the train makes now 12:34 hours. This roughly means an average speed of less than 50km/hour.

The voyage with this train is a continuous adventure: cold in the winter hot in the summer, with old and smelly cars and restless passengers. Often the train is a scene for fights or parties. Even if you take 1st class (as I usually do) the situation is not better. Al;though the train is a night one there is no sleeping car.

I wish that this train will someday travel the distance in 6 hours and stops in fewer stations.

Still it is the best solution for me to reach home - with my car I could do in in about 7 hours - but during daytime, meaning that I would need one full free day to go home and sometimes I can't afford this

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