Friday, February 16, 2007

Rennes is closing down

The first result of the happy marriage between Alcatel and Lucent is a massive downsize.
There will be about 12500 jobs dropped all around the world.
Okay, somebody might say, but this is the cost of beeing profitable.
Yes, I agree, but there are many people that are really crushed by this decision.
For example my colleagues in Rennes.
They weere roughly 200. Most of them were really capable people. They have built their lives in Rennes, their homes, their families are there.
Some of them are not young anymore.
Now, they will have to make some hard choices. Leave their city for another location or just quit the company and trying to search for a new job home - not very easy in France for an over 40 years old engineer...
This is one of the times when I really would like that the management would see the situation with another pair of glasses... Not the horse glasses but something more human.

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