Saturday, November 18, 2006

My phones

Among the gadgets I have had the mobbile phones were among the most worthy of attention. I have been fascinated by them since they appeared in Romania as I couldn't realize how they are really working.

So cronologically here is the list of the phones I had:

1. 1998 - 1999: Motorola D460
This one was a brickphone. It was big, hard, with a few functions but it worked well.
Its main use was that I was reachable by my folks in Timisoara. My mom abbused it by calling me very early in the morning. I bought a quite expensive prepaid (for my student budget in those days) in order to operate it.

2. 1999 - 2001: Philips Savvy
The second one. Nothing very special on it. Blye, small, with some nice ringtones and biorithm. I made my Vodafone(Connex) subscription for this.

3. 2001 - 2003: Ericsson R320
"The Rolls-Royce": I still cannot believe that I have had one of those. It was an exxtraordinary piece of work and engineering. Slim, with long battery life, with many features that even today are missing in the phones.

3. 2003 - 2003: Sony-Erricson T300
Impressed by R320 I went again on SE's hand. This one was from the first colour+polyphonic phones. Nice retro design. Somebody has stolen it from me.

4. 2003 - 2005: Siemens ME45
I bought this very well built phone. It had all the business functions possible inside a roughed case. A true supporting gadget.

5. 2005 - 2006: Siemens S65
Extremely nice ddesign. Stylish case and lots of functions. Unfortunately lots of bugs, bad camera...

6. 2006 - ... : Nokia 6233
I am not a Nokia fanatic but I have to admit that they do good phones. This one is my 3G shift.

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