Friday, October 27, 2006

Trip to France

I went to France this week for some business purposes and I must say that I had a bad week there.
Let's begin:

1. On Monday, October the 22nd, I had to go to the airport as my plane was taking off at 08:40 am.
I have made a reservation for a cab on Friday, October the 19th, to Omnitour at 07:00 in order to get to the airport. The cab never showed up and I had to call for another one in the morning so that I arrived late, only 6 minutes before the check-in.

2. After a flight with many turbulences I arrved at CDG airport in Paris. From there I have taken the RER to the Montparnasse Bienvenue station. I have put my luggage in a locker box in the station and visited Paris for six hours. I managed to reach Notre Dame, Eiffel tower, Les Jardins de Tuilleries, Le Dome des Invalides. Of course everything in a hurry. I have had also some time to go on the tower of Montparnasse.

3. I have reached Rennes at 21:48. The Hertz barnch in the train station was already closed so I had to take a cab to the hotel.

4. I have finally got my car from Hertz - a small but strudy Chevrolet Spark therefore I went to Saint Malo.

5. On Thursday, October the 26th I came back in Paris and stayed overnight at Hotel Cronstadt. I would not reccomend it to anybody...

6. On Friday, October the 27th, I came back to Timisoara. Carpatair had some problem refuelling on CDG and we took off with a delay of 2 hours.

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