Monday, July 18, 2016


In the past production factors were considered "work, land and capital". Nowadays things are rather changed. Work and land are now resources - this terms encompasses both the material resources as well as work and energy. The capital encompasses not only the financial valuation but also the intellectual assets.  Work on the other hand tends to be diminished in importance with the proliferation of robotics and AI/ML while the intellectual property tends to become increasingly important.

Wars are generally fought for resources and we clearly see some trends:
- as work resource devaluates the countries with high workforce become restless
- as renewable resources get used countries with big resource yields or these with resources that are about to be discarded become restless
- countries with high IP values get targeted more often

Probably we will assist to "Butlerian jihad" in some aspects.
Probably after this war the world will calm down a little and some generations will have peace. Not ours unfortunately and sadly not our children's.

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