Monday, February 24, 2014

Tools of the trade

Just as a note to myself some of the tools that made my life simpler:

1. Javassist - invaluable for bytecode weaving in various situations. Especially load-time and run-time effective - used it to create extension methods.

2. In the same reflective spirit - Reflections - a library that eases the work with java's builtin reflection.

3. Guava - quite a swiss army knife - especially the immutable collections and event bus.

4. Javolution - it is maybe one of the most promising things on the JVM platform - can save lots of work due to its highly efficient data structures and its ability to marshall C like structures.

5. Netty - eases the creation of network applications

6. JNA - Native access is simpler with JNA. Coupled with Javolution and Nety might be a good solution for some wicked high performance apps that still have to deal with legacy components.

7. Jython - makes some things in JVM really simple.

8. Akka - although Scala based - Akka also helps JVM concurrency.

9. XStream - the XML/JSON serializer.

10. JLine - Java network apps are not necessarily Web based.

11. JGroups - simplifies network group communication.

12. Metrics - gets insights from JVM applications.

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