Wednesday, September 18, 2013


1. questioning, probing, testing.
2. disbelief, atheism, agnosticism.
One of the things that really annoy me is the dependency of people on frameworks and things they know in software.
I am mostly questioning people on why do we need new buzzwords in projects, what value they bring and why precisely those buzzwords and no other. I am amazed that they always answer by the book, not deliberately, but rather they repeat the hype...

"We need Spring" (although we have no beans but a SPA)...
 "Err... because of IoC :)"
 "But why Spring with Vaadin and not Guice or other?"
 "Err... Spring is good because it gives you beans and Guice is from Google hence is bad"
"Really... I was under the impression that it is POJO based"
"No, beans, beans are good."
"Why are beans good?"
"Because they have interfaces"
 --No Comment - Discussion with a Scrum Master with over 15 years of experience

 "DEB packages are a solution for our deployment problems."
"What problem would they solve?"
"I am spending too much time configuring the system at deployment"
"And how will the DEBs help you?"
"Err... Reduce time to deploy?"
"In fact you need a DEVOPS solution as Chef or Puppet, no?"
"No, those are not ok."
"I heard about them that are bad."
"With them you can deploy directly our WAR files on thousands systems at once on different configs without scripting... Isn't is a cool feature? Especially if we manage to sell and deploy our system."
"Err... Nooo, too much overhead"
"Well what if we will deploy on RedHat? They use RPM, you know?"
"Never in RH... It is evil..."
 -- No comment - Discussion with an Architect

Sincerely... The arguments are weak and based on marketing hype, rumours or hunches... But those are basically people that take decisions on software projects - so there is no surprise on the quality of software.

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