Monday, August 5, 2013

Fit for the job

I have recently been contacted by lots of recruiters that are insistently proposing me jobs although I am not actively looking for a new one. Actively means applying for one and being true interested in it.
I, myself, am a passive job seeker - I agree being contacted by recruiters for jobs where I do fit in.
But most of the time I am contacted for something else. E.G:

1. Contacted for embedded C and automotive... in my profile I have never mentioned those skills and I never applied for a similar position. I like embedded - but as a hobby not as a full time job as I lack true experience. My resume clearly states that most of my knowledge is in Java/Python. It is a long time since I have last touched C.

2. Management positions. I have been a manager. A small one - team leader. This was one of the worst experiences I had in my entire life. I had tremendous responsibility on people (I had to reduce attrition in a company paying below market average) and project (tight deadline and lots of technical challenges) with little managerial means (limited access to incentives and investment budgets). It was hard to find resources to keep people motivated and beg for money in order to secure project materials from a posse of beaurocrats (cost controllers) that were handling the project money that were already allocated. Every day I had to answer questions as "Why did X leave? Why didn't you do something to keep him - He left because he was underpaid and You did not approve a 100EUR raise for him... (20% ot his salary at the moment)", "Do you really need two servers? Isn't it a waste? Can't you share one with another team? - NO. We have to create a cluster and we DO need this specific server as it is our standard building block...". Long story short - I am not interested into dealing with dishonesty and avarice once again.

3. Frontend development jobs - I like frontend development but I am not an expert. I have much coded on the server side back-ends and my front-end aesthetics and usability qualities are something I have to improve a lot. I never mentioned also those in my profiles.l

4. Junior positions for senior people - the funny part comes when discussing money - a long silence on their side...

The point I want to reach in this rant is that recruiters do not really read CVs. Or they read them between lines and if some of the acronyms they see there they jump at you with an offer without pondering it better. All of the above points show me clearly that at least Romanian headhunters are not fit for their jobs. They do not understand the field of IT recruitment ad work only on pattern matching.  They are mostly Political Science, Psychology, Business or esoteric ones (some at some diploma factories), graduates without  no HR formal training, or at least with a shallow one. They are unable to select candidates and/ or ask the help of the technical people that can read a technical CV. They are rude and insistent (one recruiter called me directly to provide a recommendation - although she was told to use e-mail to contact me. Of course she called me during a meeting via company's PBX lines).

I am considering removing my profiles from job sites and use only personal direct networking for applying at jobs.

However there are common-sense recruiters that are able to do their job correctly - but they are as rare as a white elephant.

UPDATE: I will for sure clean my LinkedIn recruitment connections if I learn nothing new from them by the end of the year.

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