Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Art Exhibitions

I have recently went to two art exhibitions in Timisoara. The first one was master's Ioan Tuculescu. I enjoyed it a lot as I have learnt how he shifted from water colors and academic style to a harsher oil on canvas and a crypto-symbolic language. Totems and imagery from the Romanian tapestries are populating his later works.

The second exhibition I went was Ana Ruxandra Ilfoveanu's (the wife of Sorin Ilfoveanu - a big name in Romanian contemporary painting). The works resemble much the one of her husband, they share the same ancient-like drawing technique (although his is more subtle with elements of rupestre pictures)

One interesting fact about her is that her work was associated with the image of Rotemberg winery (wich really produces a good wine). It is interesting how her drawings illustrate the the premium bottles' labels.

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