Tuesday, June 21, 2011

After a long silence

Finally I found some time to post. The blog is not dead but I have less time now.
What have I been doing lately?

Not much but:
I have started some electronics projects (a Nixie tube clock and a 3 axis CNC driver) I learnt about valves inn  the event of building a valve amp (but I have been scared about transformers). However I have learnt how to use AVR microcontrollers and about *Duino gadgets. I have burnt my fingers soldering and colored them etching the PCBs. I have also discovered the wonderfull Parallax propeller chip.

I am still following some open source projects and get excited by Linux 3.0 and JBoss 7.0 as they might impact my work in the near future.

I have turned down some work offers... Well I am still looking for a change but I want it for better not for worse or at least equal. I have been offered to make "architecture & bugfixing" on .NET 1.0 code... I decided that that's  not my wish.

I am still trying to understand what's inside our politician's head - they continue to amaze me with their lack of direction and their inept speech. Frankly & Sadly I think that Romanians will disappear as a nation in some years from now on as the result of the last 20 years policies.

I am still breathing...

Sometimes even coding.

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