Wednesday, May 11, 2011


After more than 6 years with Ubuntu as my main OS, having Kubuntu or Fedora episodes I finally settled for Xubuntu.
Why? Because Ubuntu lacks Gnome 3 and the new Unity interface is an usability nightmare. I was almost there choosing Kubuntu as I like it's neat look but I felt quite helpless with KDE - as I said before I was unable to add an icon to desktop.
Xubuntu on the other hand is minimalist and all the GUI idioms I know from GTK are there. It takes less resources on my computer and with minimal customizations it has all the features of its Ubuntu/Kubuntu brothers.
Linux Mint - might have also been an alternative but I do not feel that it can keep up with the major distros.

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  1. To add icon to the desktop in KDE you simpply drag and drop it there.