Saturday, October 9, 2010

Do they have a retarded copywriter?

I have no idea who is behind the new commercials  for Vodafone prepaid.

He/She must be somehow retarded. I really do not get who is really targeted by those stupid commercials.
Maybe I am obtuse but the "Marea Ieseala/Maximia" series are among the most unfunny ideas.

Contrasting those commercials with the ones Orange has now the really suck. Orange's are witty with nice music and really have a story. Even Cosmote  have better commercials - funnier and more elaborate.

As for postpaid the situation is even worse. Cerebel is nor funny. Howg!
The internet everywhere prepaid campaign might have been a good but they finally fucked it big time...

Please guys -  change the commercials. They really sucks...

In the same idea of bad publicity - the replacement of Romanian flag with the American on the Rom chocolate is also moronic.

I am wondering why do they even organize publicity contests lately (Ad'or or something) as most of the commercials are importer and the others (considering the big accounts behind) are dumb.

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  1. What makes you so amazing that you can make disparaging comments about the disabled by using the word retarded? From the look of your writing you shouldn't really talk.