Friday, September 17, 2010

Hackintosh for Toshiba

I have installed OS-X on my decaying Toshiba U400-13k.
I have the following result:

  • Graphics - YES (NO QE)
  • Sound - YES (VoodooHDA)
  • Bluetooth  - NO
  • Network - NO (Marvell Yukon)
  • Wireless - NO (Intel 4965)
I have had some issue with the Firewire onboard controller, it continuously gave me the following error: FireWire (OHCI): start - unable to get device memory

The solution was simple - remove all the Firewire kexts from /System/Library/Extensions.

Moreover I was quite impressed that GRUB2 is able to boot the system - so no need for Chameleon.


I have followed this thread and I have made Bluetooth work.

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  1. Hey can you give some advice? I'm trying to get osx working on my toshiba u400 but i can't boot the installer always get stuck on a error like the one you described above. How did you intalled the osx?