Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Romanian television

While I have been away I had satellite TV in my apartment in Croatia.
The only Romanian television station was TVRi... Awful...
All the shows were a salad. For example a show about problems in Romanian tourism had as guests two business men and one singer (Traistariu the castretto). The first guests were talking about how to make tourism more efficient in Romania while Traistariu sang an old tune and spoke about Japan :P.
The host of the show was evidently not able to handle it.

Another morning show "Intalnire la malul marii" was hosted by two aging/consumed whore like girls. The show was also an uninspired mix of young un-tallented starlets wanabes (Romanian name for them is "pitzipoance"), gypsies and manele singers, old actors and such... Awful again.

The afternoon I have once seen a cultural show about Vasile Parizescu's Romanian painting collection - one of the largest and most valuable in Romania. The producer/host Irina Irsai illustrated the show with the most uninspired rags. In the meanwhile she offered  a deep look under her skirt and she was constantly interrupting the guest when he spoke about significant episodes of his life. The montage of the looked as it have been made by a 3 years old kid.

Another afternoon  show was an educational one - again with no wit. It was plain and dumb and repetitive. The host had as much pedagogical apprehension as an old boot while the kids in the show were evidently bored and mechanically repeating the lines in the script. The funniest one was a slow teenager with an earing taht was saying platitudes from behind a tree.

The scrolling banners were both in Romanian  and in Romglish - a word by word translation of the Romanian version with some spelling and grammar  mistakes.

However the only good show were the  news and in one day the Traian Basescu's interview.
I almost regretted that I have even turned on TV... but I needed some background during breakfast/dinner.

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