Monday, April 5, 2010

Total war

Google seems to be at war with almost everyone (including Apple).
They are fighting not only on search but also against telecoms, CDNs, OS companies.
In order to survive they need good weapons.
In order to get that they need creative, hard working, brilliant engineers. This is why they are recruiting only the "creme de la creme" for their war. Young PhDs, extremely creative and original are gradually reaching that critical mass that will permit Google to win against the coalition of all rivals.
It is like the blitzkrieg in WW2 when heavy mechanized troops were able to obliterate the enemies in almost no time.
I think that the managers and CEOs outside Google should read Sun Tzu and Claus von Clausevitz fast. And really learn from them.

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  1. In fact, Google is doing exactly what M$ did back in the '90... From the book "Microsoft Secrets" I know that Bill Gates said that they are hiring only the very best people, no matter the price because otherwise their competitors will do it!