Thursday, September 17, 2009

Building rockets with stone-age tools

It is possible. This is why we are so amazed when we see the pyramids or the Antikitera mechanism.
But I do not think it is productive at all. Why the upper management insists into using 20+ years technologies and tools (Clearcase mon amour) now in a period when everything tends to be leaner and agile?
This is because they really lack the vision and the technological status quo and they stick with what it is familiar for them. They do not embrace the change - they really fear it. Therefore they circle themselves with paperwork to create the impression of stability.
However looking arround they should realize that the rockets they dream of or that are already in the neighbourhood were built using finer tools and with the finest crafts available on the market.
But that is what I have arround. And I've started not to like it anymore.


  1. unde nu i cap(open minded management) vai de picioare (populimea dev) sau prostii mai mult alearga