Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Romanian retail

During the weekend my fridge crashed. It's coolant gas mysteriously disappeared therefore everything inside the refrigerator melted.
I have called service on Monday morning and they appeared promptly and after a quick check they decided that the fridge cannot be repaired.
That's life. I have to buy another one. The criteria for a new one were:
1. Maximum warranty
2. Two compressors
3. Over 350 liters
4. Known brand
5. Rich controls
I have looked on the net for some models and with the list I went to some retailers.

At the small Contorul I have found two interesting models:
Electrolux ERB4040 - but it was the exposed one (and this is not something I'd like) and had only two years warranty.
Gorenje - either with 5 years warranty XOR 2 compressors and very few controls

At Domo I have

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