Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Fon Network

I was strucked today by the idea of the Fon network.
Fon is a growing community that is based on the sharing of the available WiFi bandwidth. So basically you buy a WiFi router (called La Fonera) for 29.95EUR and you connect it to the broadband you have. Then you share for public use a part of the available bandwidth. In this way you create a public hotspot for the nearby people and as a consequence you will be able to acces to internet from other hotspots when you might need it.

Consequences of Fon:
1. The WiFi will grow omnipresent - so a bad news for telcos.
2. Many services will become mobile and the market for WiFi PDAs and maybe the new iPhone will grow.
3. Equipment producers will have to take into account that new markets appeared and somehow to make the adoption of WiMax faster and cheaper.

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