Tuesday, August 1, 2006


I have read about the chip ZL50075.
Suddenly I had a dream. A complete TDM swtch with hundreds of trunks embedded into a 4U rack enclosure using sut a dozen of those chips and a bunch of TDM trancievers, all this chips controlled by some small/low cost/low consumption processors?

Sounds feasible?

Think to add to this small SSP some value added services like IVRs, DAMs...
Feasible also with a couple of Linux/xBSD machines.

Extend this to VoIP using again simple and efficient SIP proxies as Yate, Asterisk or SER ?

Connect this to a couple of networks via gateways...

We can manage it with XMLRPC and SNMP....

I think all those could be done in a single 19"/42U rack.

Wake me up if I am dreaming too nice...

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