Sunday, December 4, 2005

Linux vs. FreeBSD

I had recently downloaded and used FreeBSD 6. I felt a little bit clumsy in the beginning but then I found it to be okay. I addapted myself relly fast with the slight different syntax of the parameters in BSD and, hourray, it worked like a charm.
In the meantime I have had some bad experiences with FedoraCore 4 that proved to be buggy during install, full of unwanted/untested/unnecessary/buggy packages. Since RedHat 6.2 - the best ever Linux distribution. I believe that that all other RPM based distributions are a big step backwards. I am still wondeing why as long as Debian and gentoo are going nicely ahead. I am hopping for a better release of FC...

I have found thoug some nice things:
1. OpenSolaris + NexentaOS -
2. AuroraLinux - I will try it on my old SpacStation Classic.

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